Trim & Upholstery Specialists

Are you getting the service you deserve?

CLAP Trim & Upholstery is a family-owned and operated furniture upholstery and repair service with 40 years of industry experience.

Our fully equipped workshop is located in Fyshwick, Canberra. Where we provide a variety of services ranging from furniture and car upholstery, Leather, Vinyl & Plastic repairs.

We’re a small, Canberra repairs team, and so we understand the importance of maintaining our outstanding reputation in the local community. We pride ourselves on our craft and we are dedicated to always providing our customers with the best level of service from start to finish. It’s this level of dedication and our exceptional value for money, which has led to countless satisfied customers.

CLAP Trim & Upholstery has become one of Canberra’s leaders in trim and upholstery repairs Delivering high-quality work for large and well-known companies including but not limited to Plush, Forty Winks, Coral Bay, Domayne, Nick Scali & Multimaster.

If you have any questions get in touch with a member of our friendly staff today, or arrange your inspection and quote.